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This weekend conference in the greater Memphis area will clear up numerous misconceptions about “faith,” and will equip you to be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks” (1Pt 3:15). Sponsored by The Humble Skeptic podcast and the Memphis Apologetics Group. This event is free, but registration is required.

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If faith is blind, then what makes one belief better or worse than any another? And if it’s just a leap in the dark, why should anyone feel obligated to believe anything at all? On this podcast, Shane Rosenthal asks questions of this kind as he talks with authors and scholars from all over the world in order explore the beliefs and ideas that shape our lives. Recent topics include, “Is Faith Irrational?,” “Is Faith Blind?,” “Is Faith a Feeling?,” “Faith & Certainty,” “Faith & Proof,” and “Proof of The Gospel.”

What They're Saying...


I just finished listening to The Humble Skeptic podcast. It’s excellent! I loved the interviews, the personal storytelling and the investigational aspect. It’s a great way to explain the “humble skeptic” concept. I also loved the artistic aspect, the use of music, etc. The broadened appeal should help to generate a wide audience.
Brandon Kimber, director of The American Gospel documentary series

What an amazing podcast this is!! It’s broad in the best possible way — accessible but not insubstantial or toothless. I really like it!
— David Zahl, author of Seculosity and Low Anthropology

Shane Rosenthal’s Humble Skeptic podcast is superb! I was drawn in by the subject matter and narration of the first episode and am looking forward to hearing what’s next. Humble Skepticism — What a concept!
— Michael Horton, host of White Horse Inn and professor at Westminster Seminary California

In a world of media dominated by angry voices, Shane Rosenthal’s podcast, The Humble Skeptic, is a creative alternative where honest questions lead to engaging conversations.
— Joseph R. Miller, co-founder and president, Center for Cultural Apologetics

There are a lot of podcasts from which to choose but you only have so much time, so you need to be selective. Shane Rosenthal’s The Humble Skeptic is one of the best I’ve ever heard. It is a breath of fresh air. Riveting. I’m subscribed and I will be supporting it. You should too.
— R. Scott Clark of The Heidelcast and professor at Westminster Seminary California

Shane Rosenthal’s fascinating new podcast, The Humble Skeptic, aims to show that a Christianity founded solidly on evidence can boldly answer the “outsider test” for truth in religious matters. With an emphasis on eyewitness testimony, careful thinking, and common sense, it promises to be an excellent addition to the apologetics podcast menu.
— Lydia McGrew, author of Hidden in Plain View and The Eye of the Beholder

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